New Music

When I was up in Ithaca last weekend, Jimbo and I visited the Cornell lab of Ornithology.

Everything was incredibly peaceful and serene. I got a lot of cool photos in. Below is a photo I took and modified.

Music has a huge impact on my mood (and productivity).

You can listen to the playlist above by clicking here.

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Yeasayer and Washedout

My friend Chris happened to buy tickets to see the band Yeasayer at the Bluebird. Despite feeling crappy, I decided to go and boy was it a blast!  I think I lost about 5 years worth of hearing, but it was totally worth it. I’m going to have to start getting out more and listening to more live music around here.

I was a bit suspicious at first and felt out of place. Everyone was decked out in fedora hats, skin tight jeans, plaid shirts… it basically felt like an Urban Outfitters had decided to upchuck in the venue while I looked as if I had walked out of a Banana Republic.

I knew it was all worth it when the opening act came out. I will totally be checking out their new music and listen to more of Yeasayer now.
Thanks for the invite Chris!


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