Foster the People and NONONO at McMenamin’s Edgefield

Last Saturday I got a surprise wake up call from my friend Erica, asking if I’d be up to go to a concert at an outdoor venue. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going to yet another outdoor music festival (I’m getting too old for this) until I found out Foster the People was playing (one of the bands that’s been on repeat in my studio lately), and that they were playing at McMenamin’s Edgefield (basically a playground for adults in Troutdale). I managed to get a last-minute ticket for the sold-out show off Craigslist, and boom I was in.

Before heading out, we hit up ROOST for brunch. If there is one thing Portland knows, it is how to do brunch. ROOST is quite possibly my favorite brunch place in this town.


Afterwards, we headed over to McMenamin’s Edgefield, indulged in a glass of wine and pizza, and checked out the opening act, NONONO, a band from Sweden with the popular song ‘Pumping Blood’ that you’ve probably heard on the radio a few hundred times. They were awesome live, the lead singer is stunning to watch.


Next up was the main event. Mark Foster is incredible live. Foster the People knows how to do catchy, they do it so good. Erica and I could hardly stop dancing.



Not bad for a random Saturday,


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Black Prairie and the Portland symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

I’ve long been a fan of the Decemberists since I heard them in 2006 at ACL back in my undergrad days. It turns out that two members of the Decemberists decided to venture out and form a quintet called Black Prairie comprised of a primarily instrumental string band as a way to present music that didn’t really work with The Decemberists sound.

So when my coworker, Mike filled me in on the Black Prairie concert, I knew I had to go!



The concert was absolutely amazing, and I even got to hear my first listen of a Stroh violin. In addition to Black Prairie, I got to hear the soothing voice of Mirah, and was introduced to Holcombe Waller.

In particular, I find Holcome Waller’s song from ‘Into the Dark Unknown’ to be particularly fitting to my current sentiments:

Portland’s eclectic nature yields a similar musical vibe. I love it.

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Music Monday: Lower Dens

I’ve been too busy enjoying the fall weather, good music, and friends that I’ve forgotten about this little blog!  I’m hoping to get back into my regular posting routine.

Anyway, Last Friday my friend Morgane hosted an impromptu aperitif pot-luck! It was wonderful tasting new food (have you ever heard of jalapeno jelly… it is delicious atop Neufchâtel), winding down after a long week, and hanging out with just the girls.

After dinner, Morgane and I ventured out yet again to Russian Recordings to check out a new-to-me band called Lower Dens. They were super amazing live, and since hearing them, I’ve had their albums playing on repeat in my office.

Here is a clip of them on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert:

Hope you enjoy them!

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Music Monday: Ben Sollee

Hello darlings! Sorry for the recent hiatus in posting. Lots of new and exciting things have been happening around here and my mind has been occupied in trying to get acclimated to changes that come with the arrival of fall.

I’ve managed to carve out time to listen to new music, and I’m getting psyched for the upcoming Lotus Music Festival that will be here in less than a month! A friend of mine introduced me to the Kentucky folk musician Ben Sollee. He’s an amazing cellist, who creates beautiful, warm, and intimate music. I’m particularly moved by his use of harp and operatic harmonies in his song ‘Bend’; this song is particularly dear to me.

Ben will be playing at the Lotus festival on Thursday.
I can’t wait to hear him live! Maybe you’ll join me?

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NEON Indian

My friend Chris and I are super into the chill-wave music genre. Since moving to Bloomington for grad school, we’ve checked out bands like Washed-Out, Yeasayer, Toro Y Moi, and last night, we ended up going to see the band Neon Indian.

As per tradition, we started the evening off by grabbing dinner at Roots on the Square, and then on the way to the venue, we stopped by the Chocolate Moose for ice cream.
For attire, I decided to wear my neon-pink shirt. I was an Indian person wearing neon going to a neon Indian concert. Quite tidy if you think about it.

Though I didn’t care for the venue, the music was amazing. We were right up near the stage, and got a great view  of the bands, and truly felt the music.

It was a great time; totally my jam!

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Toro Y Moi

Last night, my friend Chris and I headed over to the Bishop to see one of my favorite music artists as of late; Toro Y Moi! They have literally been on repeat in my office so much that even my uber tolerant office mate is getting tired of hearing them 😉

Even though the concert was supposed to start at 8, the opening band had only started tuning their instruments so Chris and I headed over to the Chocolate Moose for some homemade ice cream! I haven’t been there since last year and they’ve added several new flavors (I got the vegan coconut ice cream… so good!)

We headed back to the Bishop after grabbing ice cream and noticed this sign on the door…thank goodness we purchased the tickets from Landlocked music the day before because the venue was packed (and sold out!)

The opening band that I really liked was Unknown Moral Orchestra. They put on a great show… so high energy! I hadn’t heard of them before last night, but I will definitely check more of their music out.

You know that new genre of chillwave music ? Well, I’m totally digging it… especially now after seeing both WashedOut and Toro Y Moi live!

Toro Y Moi was an epic experience. I can barely describe the genre ‘Chill Wave’, so I won’t even bother trying to describe how into the music I was.

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Hello lovelies!

This weekend I’ll be busy writing. No no, I’m not talking poetry… but about the thesis I have due in in less than 9 weeks and the c++ program I need to debug!

In addition to trying to sum up 2 years worth of research in a 50 page document, and attempting to make more progress on my sequencing code, I’m also scheduled to present at group meeting next week. This means I’ve got to get thoughts about my research organized so that it is not all numbers/abbreviations circling around about my head. Oy, just thinking about all of this makes me a little ill.

As promised, here is this weeks playlist. The album cover is from an old photograph I took while at the top of Notre Dame back in 2009. Perhaps I’ll spend some of the weekend pretending I’m this Gargoyle…people watching from the greatest view in the most beautiful city.

Paris, Summer 2009

Hopefully I can remember to breathe, and take things one day at a time.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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