Hello sweets, I hope you’re having good laughs today and that you have a great weekend.
This morning I found out that I’m going on a surprise weekend getaway to the coast. I haven’t yet checked out the Oregon beaches, so I’m excited to breathe in the scent of the Pacific Ocean…and spend the weekend in a yurt!

Yesterday evening, I finished sewing up some softies made of actual woolen felt and stuffed with wool batting. My friend Rose owns a natural fiber shop a few blocks from my apartment and I decided to take the plunge and get myself involved with yet another crafty hobby. I love the colorful and playful look of the toys, and the fact that they are made of wool fiber adds a touch of warmth to them.



I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!



Winter cowl

During the snowstorm last week, nearly everything on the block was closed. Fortunately, the local yarn shop was open. I lingered in the shop longer than usual and found myself drawn to a luscious chunky alpaca. The fiber feels like butter in my hands and when knit up, yields an incredibly drapey fabric. I picked up a skein of sunny yellow as well as a skein in ombre grey. I made a cowl by casting on 30 stitches and used a basic fishermans rib/brioche stitch the entirety of the scarf, alternating the two colors every couple of rows and used a kitchener stitch to graft the ends together to form the cowl.





Cabin Fever

We’ve had a massive downpour of snow (10 inches) which is very uncharacteristic for Portland. The city has shut down. The roads are impossible to drive on, and salt trucks/plows are non-existent. I decided to hibernate over at Lena, Aly, and Karen’s house for the weekend as a means of preemptively avoiding cabin fever.


Evergreens gracefully weathering the snow

We tromped about in the snow, built snowmen, made snow angels, and slid down hills on make-shift sleds!


Making a snow sculpture with Lena

The weatherman predicts temperatures to rise to the 40’s, hopefully the mess clears away soon!


The January Sweater

The first weeks of January can sometimes be difficult; the holidays have passed, and along with them, the romance of early winter. The weather is cold and dark, and we feel cultural pressure to make resolutions in an effort to craft better versions of ourselves.

This year, I decided to do a bit of selfish knitting. I’d been seeing the gorgeous owls sweater designed by Katie Davies and decided to kick off January by knitting the classic yoke pullover. The garment is knit circularly with no seams from hem to underarm (on both body and sleeves), then the sleeves are joined to the body and worked in the round for the remainder of the sweater. Finishing involves using the kitchener stitch to join the underarms to the body. I like this construction method because it allows for both the ease and convenience of circular knitting as well as the structure of seams in areas where they are very much needed (armholes — regular stress points for the fabric). I would traditionally have used the DPN method to make the sleeves individually, however a friend from my knitting group graciously taught me the two-at a time on two circulars method which I enjoyed.

I used Jamieson & Smith Aran in gingersnap. I love the woolly and rustic nature of the Shetland fiber.




Now, to move on from the mindless stockinette pullover…


Cosmic Tubing

My friend Rachal celebrated her birthday and invited us to join her!

We made the trek up to Mt. Hood and spent the evening riding escalators up the mountain, and then rode a couple hundred feet down the mountain in tubes.




It was exhilarating and weird at the same time. I suppose there’s a first time for everything.



In January of 2009 I started a blog called The Feisty Chemist as a means of documenting my thoughts and theories on life through my early twenties.  Lots has happened in the last 5 years, and since that time my thoughts on life have changed substantially. I’m sure there are cached versions of that old site floating around somewhere, suspended in time and space. Good luck accessing that.

I’ve decided to continue this site with a clean slate, using this space more as a means of showcasing my thoughts and the things I create. Hopefully I can retain a childlike wonder as I grow wiser.
Happy reading!

Four year old me

Four year old me