Bon Voyage!

In case you don’t already know, I’m in Europe!
I actually landed in Brussels this morning and have been awake for the last 24 hours (with a couple hours of sleep on the plane).

Everything about the flight went well except my flight to Brussels was delayed due to cargo door mishaps. In any case, I am now at H&T’s house.

I ended up spending the remainder of the day after arriving walking through the city of Brussels and checking out the Grand Place, and the shopping area off of the Rougier stop on the metro, and I even saw the Manneken-Pis statue (it is much smaller than people/sources would have you believe). Believe it or not, Belgium waffles are actually from and consumed in Belgium! I of course had to indulge a bit and enjoyed a nice real Belgium waffle. After that, me and T stopped for coffee at a trendy cafe in the Grand Place square and the rain started pouring.

The first thing I noticed when I came to Brussels was the lush green vegetation… I now know that it gets so green here because of all of the rain. After some of the rain subsided, we picked up H and came back to the house for a bike ride. I’m super excited about biking in the countryside, and can’t wait to see more of the country.
I’m not too sure what tomorrow will bring, I will probably look up some sites and recommended places online here soon, but I’ll be sure to update you and post pictures.

Silly me, I forgot to take the camera into town today 🙁

Until Tomorrow!


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Post Mortem

I had a post mortem meeting at school to discuss last minute course troubles/grades/etc, and then my mother and I went to various places and said goodbye to friends.

I’m glad that I’m leaving for Europe in a day, if anything, my mind is too occupied with stuff to realize that I’ve left Austin for good. No more daily rambles through the park, or to the lake, or downtown… No, now I’ve got to come up with a new routine and re-discover all that is ‘me’.

The Cure: Friday I’m in Love


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Moved out.

I’ve officially moved out of my apartment in Austin, and am currently unpacking boxes and re-packing for my trip to Europe. It isn’t even the middle of May and we are already getting temps in the upper 90’s here in Texas. It will be nice to go to a milder climate in Europe.

There’s not too much to report on here, mostly more of the same… (grading, packing, fun)

I finally got around to taking pictures of the sweater I recently finished knitting….

This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit. There’s quite a bit of maths to consider when you knit, and that definitely made the knitting fun and exciting.The pouf-y sleeves are my favourite part!

I wish the weather would stay cool so I could keep knitting, but alas, I think the knitting will stop until next season.

Until next time.


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tying things up

In my final days here in Austin, I’ve mostly been finishing up unfinished business and have been doing much of the same things I do for fun normally. Since it is the last week of classes, labs have been dying down and I’ve got more time on my hands as a result. I’ve gotten to finishing a couple of knitting projects. Here is the heterocyclic hat that I’ve finally gotten around to posting:

The hat has the molecules caffeine, theobromine, penicillin, and serotonin inscribed all around in a duplicate stitch. Let me tell you, weaving in the ends at the end was NOT fun. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not chosen to colour code the side chains, but I think the finished product looks better with the added colour.

Yesterday after lab, Nick and I went to Huts (W. Sixth) for a last 2 for 1 burger night here. Huts has THE BEST VEGGIE BURGERS EVER. If you’re ever in the Austin area, go on either a Monday or Wednesday night, for the best taste you will ever try.


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New baby and sweet tidings.

Contrary to what you may think, I spent a considerable amount of time in the library during my undergrad years at UT. I spent so much time in the library in fact, that I ended up making good friends with the librarian/library staff. Lately I have been going on many ‘good-bye’ dinners and the past dinner I went on was with one of the members of the library staff.

I had a habit of checking out 2-hour reserve books… and the staff always took notice. As a parting gift, James made this necklace for me:

It was a very thoughtful gift, and I’ll treasure it and all the memories I’ve made in

And finally, on a completely different topic, I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of the Gandhi clan…

I’ve actually had this baby now for about 3 weeks, but I’ve postponed posting any details on her until she had a proper OS installed.

Manufacturer: Dell
Age: 3 weeks
Weight: 4.7 lbs.
O/S: Linux
Special features: super awesome NVIDIA graphics card, 2.0 mp web cam, sleek steel encasing, super low price, and 3 year warranty.

the best part about this new baby that differs from most others, is that this one comes an instruction manual (not that I intend to use it) and an ‘OFF’ button.

I guess that’s all for today.


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Last full weekend in Austin

The last couple of days have been spent doing nothing but fun. Much of Friday was spent packing followed by geek talk at Andy and Brendan’s. After that, I went to one of my favorite places to eat at in Austin (Z-Tejas) with a co-worker. I think what I’ll miss the most about Texas (aside from my friends/family) is the Mexican/Tex-Mex food.

Yesterday I went to the Pecan Street festival downtown. I get a real kick out of going to festivals and it was nice to walk around 6th street during the day and see what the vendors were selling.

I ended up making friends with a pedicabber and got a free ride around the historic part of the city and over the lake.

I even got to accomplish one more thing on my to do list…

Using the loo at the Driskill 😉

Until tomorrow.

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Already getting excited!

After reading some recent Clemmer group publications and publications regarding the general field of ion mobility mass spectrometry, I’m beginning to get excited about moving to Indiana and starting grad school. You have no idea how ready I am for this semester to end, and in exactly 2 weeks, I will be on a plane to Europe! I’ve finished booking bed and breakfasts in Italy, and have a general outline of what I will be doing and when:

May 13 == fly to Europe

May 14 – May 24 = = bike trip (with Hugo/Tillie)

May 24- May 29 = = Spend time in Denmark/Netherlands

May 29-June 1 = = Holiday in Colmar, France

June 3- June 7 = = Time in France (Paris)

June 9- 10 = = (fly to Rome) Rome
June 11-12 = = Venice
June 13-14 = = Florence
June 15-16 = = Rome (Fly back to Brussels)

June 16-19 = = Explore more of central Europe

June 19-29 = = Time in Luxembourg (with Nishith and Benedicte)

June 30 = = Back to US

After some of my non-science friends complained about my blog being too technical (see previous posts involving pub nights), I’ve stopped doing journal clubs here. Maybe when I go to Indiana, I can find some equally enthused chemists to have round table science discussions on Friday or Saturday evenings

… or maybe not.

oh and I forgot…

July 6 = = Start Grad School!!!!

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Packing up

After realizing that my move out date is in a little over 2 weeks, I decided that I needed to get busy wrapping up my business here in Austin and begin the dreaded task of packing. My apartment has been a pigsty for the last week (mostly because I’ve been traveling a bunch lately and have been too lazy to do my chores).

I didn’t think it could get any worse, but I have succeeded in doing the impossible.

I didn’t really think I had THAT much stuff, but I clearly was wrong. Here is about 1/4 of all of the crap I own.

I spent a good 45 minutes untangling wires of my computer peripherals and I’d say all of my geek stuff is worth another 25% of my stuff. I’m too incredibly lazy to re-plug all of this in, so I guess my internet connection will be cut off as of tomorrow at my apartment.

You’ll notice or maybe know that my desk was made of cardboard boxes and a free piece of ply-wood I got from the loading dock of the chem building. The good thing about this arrangement is that I have what seem to be an endless supply of boxes to last me through the torture that is packing.

I seriously feel like I’ve spent hours upon hours moving stuff, without any visible progress.

Cheers to no internet at my apartment, and many futile attempts at hacking into networks. At least I now have a valid excuse to go to coffee shops/internet cafes.

I hate moving.

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Knit day

Knitting has this odd way of calming me… it’s a lot like meditating in a way. I spent a lot of today knitting; getting my thoughts aligned on one thing and not stressing about variables I have no control over.

I ended up knitting a foliage hat (found on knitty/ravelry) in Frank Ochre Malabrigo. The hat is currently blocking, and it is so deliciously luxurious, and soft… I’m really loving the hat!

I started knitting it top-down and find it ridiculously more convenient. I like getting the DP portion out of the way and finishing up the rest mindlessly. 🙂

As you may expect, my this was my first lace-style pattern. I’ve decided I’m not too much of a fan of lace-knitting because it is not mindless. I have the attention span of a 5 year old, so I probably ended up re-starting this thing about 4 times before I actually got around to doing it correctly and sticking with it through the end.

Despite one person disliking the ochre color (ahem, Nick), I really like it.
Hey, it may not look good on me, or be too terribly wearable, but it is so bright and cheery… enough to make me happy when I knit it up.
In the end, I think that is what matters most anyway.


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Earth Day 2009

I spent the majority of today hanging out downtown and partaking in Earth Day festivities. The weather has been totally uncooperative, but a big crowd showed up for the event nonetheless.

Halcyon is a great coffee-bar in downtown Austin known for their smores… I think they make a killer Vietnamese coffee and I decided to indulge myself after volunteering at Earth Day.

Till tomorrow 😉

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