I’ve been hit.

I think I’m finally starting to realize that I will effectively be leaving Austin for good in about a couple of months. Texas has been my home since I can remember and everything that I do, all of my quirky routines and favorite places that I’ve often frequented will just be gone with the wind. More than that, are the friends and people I’ve come to meet. Austin has the most eclectic group of people and in my head, I know that wherever I end up for grad school will never be as wonderful as Austin. I also know that in grad school, my time for social fun will be nonexistent. I think that thinking about this now is a bit depressing.

I’m not really one to just sit around and do nothing, so I’m sure wherever I move to (despite how boring it may seem) will have plenty of interesting things for me to do and I’ll find my own niche in time. I guess I need to just make the most of whatever time I have left here. So here is a list of some things I want to do before leaving Austin:

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Junk
  2. Rollerblade at the Veloway
  3. Have a drink/meal at the new Daily Juice on Duval St.
  4. Make a short film of all of my favorite places in Austin
  5. Go out to eat one final time at Z-Tejas, Iron Cactus, Mothers, La Traviata, and Traverna
  6. Go to the Pecan st. festival in May
  7. Attend at least one more First Thursday
  8. Spend an entire Saturday afternoon going to the Austin farmers market and running at the lake
  9. Go canoeing on the lake
  10. Attend a B-Scene or mix at the Blanton art museum
  11. Have a last Spiderhouse Rendezvous, another Mozart’s rendezvous, and a teahouse rendezvous
  12. Have one last go at dancing on 6th st. and using the loo at the Driskill
  13. 2 for 1 burgers at Hut’s… need I say more?
  14. Spend a weekend in Frederiksburg camping or visiting Enchanted Rock
  15. Go country dancing at Midnight Rodeo or The Broken Spoke

Hopefully I can start lugging around my point and shoot so that I can compile a list of pictures for me to play when I get homesick.

I guess I’ll spend the day doing one of the above 😉

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finished WIP

I got around to finishing the pair of legwarmers I started a few weeks ago. I was going to wear them ice skating as my legs get very cold, but my mom saw them when I was working on them and she really liked them because she gets arthritis in the wintertime. I figure she will get more use out of them than I will, and I can always make myself another pair, so I’ve decided to give them to her the next time I see her. Here’s a couple of photos of my handiwork.

I think I’m going to call it a night for now.


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Chains of Opportunity… or something like it

I finally got around to finishing the book I started reading this past weekend entitled Chains of Opportunity.

Everyone has a favorite something or other… myself included. In case you didn’t know, my favorite chemist is Wallace Carothers. I guess there was a point a couple of years back when I had this huge thing for Linus Pauling, but after reading about the polymer industry and it’s effects on WW2, Carothers is now the cool chemist on my mind. This particular book as you may guess from the title, gives an overview of the founding and progression of polymer chemistry.

The author in the book makes this interesting note:
“The ability to develop, shape, and use substances has been one of the measures of a civilization’s capabilities, so much that we now identify them as the Stone age, Bronze age, and Iron age… There was one common characteristic that defined these former ages. The materials in question all came from nature”

This makes me wonder what our current ‘age’ is. Surely the polymer age has come, and will be here to stay, but what next? The nano-age? Just something interesting to consider.

My interest in polymer chemistry began a couple of years ago after taking a macromolecular course at UT. Despite my abhorring organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry has this odd appeal and I became most intrigued by ‘living’ polymers.

It is interesting to think that the allied forces could have lost WW2 had it not been for the emerging rubber industry and the brilliant scientists involved. The one thing I don’t like about the book is its excessive mention of the University of Akron in the middle of nowheres-ville. I guess it gets the point across that it was there that the beginnings of the science came about, but I am sure there were several other institutions across the nation or world that contributed equally, if not more, to the field. I would have appreciated a more worldly view in this regard. Other than that, the book is a fine and easy read, taking no more than a weekend. If you have the time and any interest at all in macromolecular chemistry, I recommend reading it.

I guess that’s all for now.

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Up and at ’em

I think it is precisely this time (Tuesday at around 8:00) where I start to get tired of the week and become ready for Friday to come around. I’m back in Austin, doing the Austin thing, and while I never thought I’d get used to the idea of not being a student… I think I’m starting to get used to it, and actually like it. No kidding.

On a random note, I always wondered how gas station clerks kept the gas price signs up to date. I guess the digital/computerized signs are a bit easier to manage because you don’t have to physically go and change the numbers around, but even with the digital signs, you have to keep up to the minute with the changing prices… kind of like a stock market day trader would with stocks. This continuous updating of gas prices, as one would imagine, would be imperative to do if there were multiple gas stations on an intersection and competition was intense. One gas station back home near my parents place has come up with an amusing way to keep up with the latest happenings…

Well, at least I think it is amusing. I chuckle every time I drive by that sign.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made some valentines for my students. Here’s the basket with the goodies!


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Oftentimes when I meet someone they ask me why I’m a vegetarian. This happened to occur today at lunch. I feel that here is better than anywhere to go into my reasoning. Before I list the reasons why I’ve chosen to be a vegetarian let me say that I don’t judge people who choose to eat meat. People make different choices for different reasons, and it is not my place to judge the choices that other people make. Just being alive is inevitably going to cause suffering. But anyway, here’s why I’m a veg:

1) I love animals, and believe that a veg diet causes less suffering than a diet centered around animal products
2) Animals are sentient creatures with their own wills, and it seems wrong to force our will onto another creature just because we’re able to.
3) A good deal of medical evidence points to the fact that a diet centered around animal products is terrible for you. Animal product based diets have been repeatedly proven to cause and exacerbate cancer, heart disease, obesity, impotence, diabetes, etc.
4) A veg diet is materially more efficient than an animal product based diet. By that I mean that you can feed lots more people with grain directly than by feeding that grain to a cow and then killing the cow. In a world where people are starving it seems criminal to fatten up cows with grain that could be keeping people alive.
5) The raising of farm animals is environmentally disastrous. All of the waste from animal farming gets washed into our water supply, poisoning our drinking water and fouling our lakes, streams, and oceans.
6) Veg food is nice to look at. Compare a plate with grains and fruits and vegetables to a plate with pigs’ intestines, chicken legs, and chopped up cow’s muscles.

I guess that encompasses the bulk of it. Again, I do not judge.

I think this will be the first full night of sleep I will get (now that my future has slightly more security)


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A College Station, supposedly.

That’s right. I’m in College Station (CS). I actually just got back from eating dinner with my best friend Erin and an old Procter and Gamble friend who is going to grad school here. It’s been nice to catch up with old friends and right now Erin and I are watching a movie and answering e-mails/updating blogs. I feel at home in her house. There are currently 3 dogs and a cat in this house and it seems so full. Here’s us after dinner:

As you know, I’ve gotten into knitting and I’ve become a huge fan of frequenting knitting/yarn shops. On my way from Austin to CS I happened to find Yarnorama, a brilliant yarn shop with a lovely owner to match. If any of you readers are into crochet/knitting or even spinning, you should stop by and check out the wondrous selection of fibres.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing laser tag with some of my old high school buddies and going to a temple with my parents. The temple is hand carved entirely out of marble and is very reminiscent of the Jainist temples I’ve seen in Rajasthan.


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I don’t know

Today is the day that Obama is sworn into office. Yay! I’ll be watching this on TV in half an hour. In the meantime, I’ve just gotten done speaking with Penny Kile about grad school figures and apparently there is a 34% increase in the number of applicants this year compared to in previous years. :(. This will trend will likely spread across the board to other schools and this just makes my pool more competitive. Bummer. I guess if I don’t get in, I can always get a job or travel doing something glamorous, but I want to be a scientist … so help me… please?

Finally, I finished knitting the turn a square hat designed by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. It is soo awesome and keeps my head warm! The best part is that I have enough leftovers to make another hat 🙂

From Things I’ve made
From Things I’ve made

I gotta head to a TV to watch the inaguration! Change has Come!

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Back in Action

So I’ve come back to Austin from a long break from academics. My break has been a whirlwind of sorts and while I could say all that has happened, it would probably bore you and I don’t feel like going into it anyway. I’ll just suffice it to say I had a great break and life is good.

Some changes have happened recently. I found out that I will be teaching 2 sections of the advanced analytical lab this semester. Originally, I was under the impression that I would be teaching the non-majors section, but now I’ve been switched to the majors section which will likely involve tons of grading which I am not looking forward to. Other than that, not too much else is going on here. My latest project of finishing my knitted handbag has finally been completed! It was a super quick project and I’m pleased with the results…

I just finished my personal training semester orientation seminar and am now just relaxing. Despite my workout earlier, I may go for a run since it is such a beautiful evening! I’ve also begun knitting a sock… hopefully I will have 2 socks by the end of knitting them.

In any case, I’m going to soak up the sun before it sets and I promise to post more now that I am not so busy doing holiday stuff!

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New Year.

I went to the annual NYE party at the Seales a couple of nights ago. It was fun as usual. This year it was a bit more subdued, and amidst the sound of Dick Clark’s NYE playing in the background, and the firecrackers sounding off outside, I managed to eat more than I have in the past month altogether, and catch up with friends. This will likely be the last NYE I spend at the Seales because I will *hopefully move on in life* and the Seales will be moving to east Texas and inevitably there will be schedule conflicts and long distance relationships are hard period.

This year I’ve resolved to be happy wherever I am at. I feel like much of my life is wasted pining over things that are beyond my control (grad school/economy/job offers etc) and this year, instead of pining, I will do something to fix the problems and/or do something productive to take my mind off of them. This holiday has been a breath of renewal for me. I’ve gotten into knitting, intend on hitting the rink and gym more, and hope to get out more. Now that I have a car as my accomplice, there is nothing stopping me.

In addition, I am resolving to start and keep a blog. We’ll see how many readers I get, haha!

I finally finished making the scarf for Erin, (I’ll post pictures later), and today I signed up to take a knitting class so that I can learn to knit in the round and do raglan shaping. I’m excited and can’t wait until Sunday so that I can get my knit on. 🙂
I hope all is well for you in the New Year and wish you good luck.


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