Secret Beach

I’ve been on call this week and it has been the most overwhelming weeks I’ve had at work with not enough sleep and too many problems to deal with. So, it’s a good thing I took a bit of time to escape the city this past weekend. My friend Steph and I decided at the last minute to head to the coast (she had just gotten off of being on call, and the Portland heat wave had gotten to me). So, she picked me up, and we headed off. I knew the beach would be packed since it was a weekend, and unseasonably hot, so I steered us on a path less paved to one of my favorite beaches I’ve been to so far. Once we got there, we scarfed down some solid food and were off to travel the path with no footprints.





The clouds in the sky had wonderful patterning and it was fun to just lay in the sand and use our imaginations to come up with pictures in them. We laughed a lot. And then a paraglider scared us. And then we laughed a lot more and learned a bit about paragliding.



I’ve been carrying a toy camera around with me places, and I’m having a blast experimenting with the different images I can create. Here’s one I think turned out pretty cool by accident while I was at the coast. I apparently forgot to advance the film which resulted in a double exposure. I developed the print using a high contrast filter (grade 5), an f=4 aperture, and 9 second exposure.




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