Trip to Astoria and Cape Disappointment

Summertime in Portland can’t be beat. The sun is always shining, the skies are blue, and the nature is magnificent. A friend and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and a free weekend by making a spontaneous trip out to the coast!

We left Portland early on empty stomachs, so our first priority was to find a cozy brunch spot. Fortunately, one of Astoria’s brunch hot-spots was waiting our arrival. I decided to try out the veggie ratatouille.



From the restaurant we were able to see great views (including this one of the Astoria bridge)


Our waitress kindly reminded us that Hood to Coast (one of the largest relay races in the world) was happening this weekend which would surely back up traffic in Oregon. So we got in the car and crossed the bridge to go to Cape Disappointment state park in Washington.



We first walked along the long stretch along the coast that is Benson beach. It was nearly empty, with some kite enthusiasts flying their handmade kites, dogs running with their owners, and TONS of driftwood. I could totally see myself camping out in a fort of driftwood!




After walking on the beach for a few hours we decided to check out Waikiki beach a few miles away. From there, I was able to get a great view of the lighthouse, and we layed out on the boulders with water brushing up to the rocks.



There is something about the sound of water and the feel of my toes in the sand that is so incredibly relaxing. I’ll definitely be going on more coastal adventures!


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