Alexander’s fourth birthday

Last weekend was Alex’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe how big that little man is growing up to be. Since I’m now one of Alex’s best friends (number 8… he told me), I was invited to the happening party that was Frozen themed (Frozen is a Disney princess-type movie) I love how Alex’s likes are so gender neutral. He likes what he likes.

I’ve never been around so many kids in the same room at once. One thing that surprised me is how much energy little kids have. They just ran around and swam in the pool. For hours. haha

I decided to get Alex a Spiderman watch with a Velcro strap (so he could put it on all by himself), and a wooden toy clock so he could learn how to tell time analog-style.

and of course, there was cake and ice cream!




Happy birthday little dude!


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