Black Prairie and the Portland symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

I’ve long been a fan of the Decemberists since I heard them in 2006 at ACL back in my undergrad days. It turns out that two members of the Decemberists decided to venture out and form a quintet called Black Prairie comprised of a┬áprimarily instrumental string band as a way to present music that didn’t really work with The Decemberists sound.

So when my coworker, Mike filled me in on the Black Prairie concert, I knew I had to go!



The concert was absolutely amazing, and I even got to hear my first listen of a Stroh violin. In addition to Black Prairie, I got to hear the soothing voice of Mirah, and was introduced to Holcombe Waller.

In particular, I find Holcome Waller’s song from ‘Into the Dark Unknown’ to be particularly fitting to my current sentiments:

Portland’s eclectic nature yields a similar musical vibe. I love it.


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