Tired of phone commercials…

Over the weekend, some friends and I head over to the Barrett’s home for afternoon tea. Somehow, the topic of terrible cell phone ads came up. I don’t even watch TV; instead I opt to watch a couple of episodes a week of the Colbert report via Hulu, but even through Hulu streaming, these ads have not escaped my attention…

If you want to be unlimited; Sprint can help you out…

Or, if you need an upgrade on yourself, the Droid is to the rescue!

These commercials suggest that the miraculous is only to be found in the latest technology (it is indeed miraculous that these gizmos exist, but miracles are hardly limited to technological advances).

Also, I think the phrase “I need to upload all of me.” is just perverse. The “need” to display oneself to a world of potential viewers is an exhibitionist’s dream or perhaps it represents a tacit nod in the direction of immortality—I “need” to upload “all of me” so that none of me will be lost. (Though, some may say this blog is a need for me to this, so I am guilty too).

The fact that this ad has been made, and has made it to the airwaves says more about us than about the merits of a data plan.


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