Halloween 2012: Breaking Dawn

My friend Erkin hosted the annual chemistry Halloween bash last weekend. It was a blast and the costumes did not disappoint!

As usual, I was last minute on getting my costume ready. I’d been scheming all month, but I didn’t actually get around to buying materials for the costume until a week before the party, and I made nearly all of the costume the day of the party. Talk about a major stress case!

My finished dragon costume…

My costume was a huge hit at the party, and I even won a costume contest at the local gym for $50 in free workout classes. Score!

There were tons of other really cool costumes at the party, here are a few of my favorites:

A video game character…

Lance Armstrong (on lots of illegal substances and a ‘tour de Franzia medal’ on his neck):

A Plato / Play-doh pun costume:

Scary zombie/death costumes (I love the baby arms sticking out of Laura’s pregnant belly!):

A bunch of my French friends getting into the spirit:

Soca’s amazing costume…transformers I think?

It was an amazing party… inspiring enough for me to start making next years costume way ahead of time!

Thanks to Erkin for taking photos of costumes!

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