Day 8: Joie de Vivre!

We finally made it back to Brussels earlier in the afternoon after biking for 62 kilometers. We faced a lot of headwind, but the scenery and the sunny weather made it bearable. I love the nature here, and I have really enjoyed every kilometer of the 560 kilometer journey we made.

When riding on a bike for several days, you figure out a lot. Here are some conclusions:

1) A light rain-jacket is your best friend
2) Going downhill is easier than going uphill
3) Work might be overrated. Just a little
4) Before embarking on a long journey, make sure you have good tires.
5) The greatest things in life are often the simplest
6) A man needs only two things to be rich; good health and a few close friends (a good laugh every now and then doesn’t hurt either)



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