Odds and ends : Grilled gruyere, swiss chard, and strawberries

I live really well for a graduate student. I’m not even kidding.
While most grad students are off living on Ramen noodles, and pilfered packets of ketchup, I’m eating artisan cheeses, decadent berries, and fresh-from-the-market greens.

But, by the end of the week, it all has to get consumed somehow. Ergo, my latest creation…

With a few remaining strawberries at the bottom of the pint, Swiss chard, and remains of gruyère from the quiche I made earlier in the week, I concocted a sandwich of sorts.

While I was eating, I video-chatted with my friend in Belgium. He was a bit amused by my sandwich. But really, I don’t find the mix too odd given that people commonly eat fruit preserves on bread.

Odds, ends, and friends are all you need for a good weekend brunch.
…and maybe an idevice too 😉


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