Halloween 2011: Better late then never

I’ve been meaning to post photos from Halloween and haven’t found the time to do it.

Can you guess what I am?!?!?


If you give up, that is okay. Most other people couldn’t figure it out either (even after having it explained)

I went as a dead (or stuck) pixel; inspired by a post I wrote earlier, and this other costume that is a supposed ‘pixel girl‘, or as I prefer to call ‘low-res’ girl.

As pixels are comprised of RGB subpixels, I decided to sew a dress containing Red/Green/Blue panels and sewed green coloured LEDs onto the middle part of the dress. (they were lit up for most of the night, but I lost power prior to the photo ops). If you are still confused/want to learn more, wikipedia is to the rescue!

Is my costume over-the-top nerdy?


Is it over the top awesome?

I wore a dress made of red/green/and blue pleather with LED lights and glitter on my face. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get anymore awesome than that!

Oh wait, it does….

A bunch of nerdy chemists in costume!


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