Stainless steel-1:: Puja-327 bazillion

Things are mostly getting back on my normal fall schedule. Only one thing seems to be throwing me off…

I managed to gash myself badly with a knife on Friday. I hadn’t planned on visiting a doctor… I assumed the wound would heal itself. Boy, was I glad I went! 3 hours, 10 stitches, 1 tied ulnar artery, and 5 syringes of lidocane later, I’m at least not gushing blood everywhere.

The healing process is now underway and my left forearm/hand is confined to a cast of sorts. Mostly, this is all just some nuisance to me. I never realized how much I really use my left thumb! Buttoning clothes, tying my hair, closing the car door, and typing all take much longer for me to do and require intense thought.

Anyway, my 9 other fingernails have pink glittery color on them. While at CVS I picked up a pack of Sally Hansen Salon Effects on clearance and thought I’d try them out. I’ve been a nail biter much of my life, and have tried everything under the sun to quit (applying acrylic nails, applying an unappetizing deterrent, chewing gum, keeping a stress ball around) and nothing has worked. I believe these stick on polishes may have done the trick! Even though I’m utterly useless around the house (even typing hurts), I get a smile on my face seeing pink glitter. Now that is something even I can’t bite off!


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  1. Oh my, Puja! So glad you went too. That’s crazy. Glad the healing process has begun–God has given us amazing bodies! Let me know if you need anything. 🙂


    1. Thanks Mel! My thumb is doing much better… almost fully functioning!
      Hopefully it stops looking gross given some time… and hopefully we can have another high tea soon!


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