Independence Day 2011

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Since we’d seen enough fireworks on Saturday, my cousin and I decided to skip the crowds at Navy Pier and check out the real ‘cool’ stuff… like the Univ. of Chicago and her sweet lab! I really like walking about college campuses. They all have a unique vibe and you can really tell a lot about the student body based on the design of the place. Chicago is a small campus, and every building is covered in ivy. It is stunning.

My cousin works in a super new lab space. I was not only impressed by how clean the whole production ran, but also by the view from her building. The view of downtown Chicago from Hyde Park is amazing!

After wandering about her lab/campus, talking about research/science and the like, we made a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). We walked in at 5:10 and were on a mission. I REALLY wanted to see the original apparatus that Millikan ran his oil drop experiment on… so we ran around lost trying to find the smallish display. Finally, at 5 minutes to close, we found it.

Running around the museum for 20 minutes to see this apparatus (and other equally neat devices) was totally worth it. I was surprised at how low key the display was… you’d think it would be kept in something a bit more secured or ostentatious at the very least.

Finally, Sapana was so cool and got us tickets to see an Improv Comedy skit at the Second City Theater. The venue was cozy and I laughed for a good 2.5 hours straight. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, I highly recommend you check it out for several good laughs.

I love holidays… especially ones spent with family.


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