Conference Stress

The American Society for Mass Spectrometrists (ASMS) has their annual conference in a couple of weeks in Denver. I’m signed up to present a poster and I feel remarkably unprepared. Understanding how to use various software, connecting/screwing up hardware, and trying to piece it all together is daunting.

The more involved I become in a project, the less daunting it becomes and the more overwhelmed I become. I guess it is because the more I focus on a project, the more I realize that I can solve the problem, but there’s so much I’ve got to do in order to get there. I’ll probably just set up a cot in lab for the next 2 weeks, crank out data, get my thoughts/poster in order, and rest up post-conference.

I guess for now I’m getting back into finding the person I was before coming to graduate school.There’s a lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. I just need to maintain my sanity and not lose myself in the process. This means reminding myself to hit the gym, eat right, focus on research, and make time to nurture meaningful relationships.


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