Today, I talked to a Nobel Laureate…. Sir Harold Kroto. He is Awesome. He discovered C60.

Sure he went into the science about carbon allotropes, and how it took space/outside thought to come up with the molecule, but what I took away from him was this idea that science has no plan. My research adviser and I have extremely different ways of approaching science. I like defined projects… where I anticipate the result, and I plan experiments to get there. My boss (and apparently Sir Kroto) have a different approach; think up a hypothesis, run experiments and ‘see what develops’. I guess to an extent they are right. The best discoveries were not intentional or planned; they were serendipitous (though, I should keep in mind that I have a PhD in the works)

I’m all excited about all things chemistry again. I feel warm and giddy inside.

I have an even greater respect for mass spectrometry now… and I didn’t think that could happen.

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