Tex Mex exclusive

Since I’ve been in Austin, I vowed that I would not eat anything other than Tex-Mex.

This morning I woke up, went to my favorite coop in Austin and had my old go to breakfast:

Potato, bean, and cheese breakfast taco on wheat tortilla! Delish!

After eating, I ended up going for a walk around campus, and picked up coffee at a coffee shop that makes the best coffee I’ve tried in America.

Afterwords, I headed downtown to hang out with old friends. We ended up hanging out on West 4th and West 5th, ate at whole foods, and hung out at Book People (seriously, the coolest book shop I’ve ever been to). The weatherman forecasted rain for the weekend but fortunately, the weather was perfect!

Living up north has made me a bit more sensitive to heat. As a result, I spent the dead of the afternoon talking with grad students I knew as an undergrad. They are seriously a couple of the more genuine/funny people I’ve met.

We decided to leave the confines of Welch 😉 and head to Downtown (east 6th) to check out some live music/eat/enjoy the scene. I’ve never been one for bars/clubs, but I really enjoy people watching. I even got to watch someone ride a mechanical bull!
Iron Cactus was the perfect choice for dinner. I really love their spinach and mushroom enchiladas. The restaurant is in the heart of east 6th.

After dinner, we headed to Cork and Co. (3rd and Congress) to talk, and meet up with a friend/my old lab partner from undergrad.

I’m always wondering what life/grad school would have been like at UT. In the end, I realize that grad school is tough no matter where you go. As an undergrad, I had a lot of free time to experience Austin. Grad school has got my brain and both kidneys… I put in at least 80 hrs of work a week; at that rate, finding time to experience a place is near impossible. I guess that’s the cost of growing up and specializing in a particular field

I’ll just continue to enjoy and make the most of the times I have off and find joy in simple things.


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