Joining a CSA

I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is and join a CSA. For those of you how don’t know the term, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, a local farmer sells ‘shares’ of his farm out; the members who buy shares can then eat what is grown on the farm, and take part in helping out in the growing process. I’ve been considering joining one now for quite some time, but being prudent, I’ve never taken the plunge.

While, it sounds like a neat idea, there are risks associated with joining one. If natural disasters (drought, excessive rain, pests) damage the crop, my investment is damaged. I’m a huge advocate of the Slow Food Movement and decided that the advantages of joining a CSA outweighed this risk. The advantages for me are that I get fresh, organically grown produce from a local farm, I get to support local business, helping out at the farm will be a nice retreat for me in the spring/summer months, and I think it is neat to prepare what is in season. In Texas, this was not possible, since a small variety of fruit/vegetables grow, however the Midwest offers a plethora of new and unique things to try and eat.

Yesterday evening after work, I drove out to the farm to submit my check and fill out the paperwork. They’re just now getting started on building the mini-greenhouses to start the seeds in. It is really neat to share and be a part of the whole experience!

After leaving the farm last night, I ended up going downtown to hang out with some friends and eat, afterwards, we ended up playing darts at The Vid.

We’ll just say that darts isn’t my forte… (I totally lost)


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