This weekend has been interesting to say the least. My house is still a pigsty… wooden bed frame still needs to be sanded/stained/and assembled and until I get around to doing this, I will have parts of my bed frame lying all around the living room/kitchen. Normally, I try to keep things on my kitchen counters to a minimum. I don’t like seeing too much clutter. I think my mind is going a bit crazy seeing all the stuff that I have to do.

The Before:
Current State:

I’ve spent most of my time in lab over the weekend working on electronics. Friday night, after electronics lab, I went to a friend’s place for ‘card night’ which ended up being an evening of giddyness and cheap wine. I spent Saturday morning in electronics lab, Saturday afternoon working on sanding wood for the bed, and Saturday night studying for electronics. Today I spent the morning chatting it up with my mom, having my dad school me in electronics, and studying for the exam, and then in the afternoon, I spent time in lab. Sense a trend yet?

Fortunately, I’ve had time to make use of my oven and awesome cooking skills. Here’s the pizza I ended up making. Some friends came over and it was nice to just chill out, eat pizza, and mousse and not worry about stuff.

Now reality sets back in.

Time to study. again.


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