London Day 2

When I woke up on my second day in London, I knew I had to see another play. I rode the Underground to Southwark and rushed into the Shakespeare globe. I bought tickets to see 2 plays; a Romeo and Juliet matinee performance and a ticket to see As you like it in the evening. The tickets were only 5 pounds per play, but the catch was that you had to stand through the entire play. I settled bought the standing tickets and then set off to do more exploring. I took the tube to the National Gallery and tried to soak in the artwork surrounding me.

After this, I walked to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards at 11:30. After being unimpressed yet again by Buckingham Palace, I left in search of a traditional English Tea service. Alas, Fortnum and Mason (a famous tea parlor) came across my path and I realized I was too early for high tea, instead I settled for merely a cup of tea and headed by foot to the Shakespeare globe. By the time I arrived to the globe, I was thoroughly hungry and I stopped at a Turkish restaurant across the street. The restaurant (TAS) had the BEST food ever.

After my meal, I went to the Globe and watched Romeo and Juliet… I must say that ‘watched’ is certainly an understatement; I felt as if I were in the play, living the story. By the end of the play, everything about me felt wonderful… except my feet, standing still for 3 hours is no joke! It was nice to finally walk around, and I took full advantage of the opportunity to walk around and warm up before the next play (As you like it). I walked from the Globe to St. Paul’s Church and was fortunate enough to walk in during a choral rehearsal. The church is truly grand; the ceilings high, the walls barren and ambiance somber. The sounds of the choir reverberating and echoing through the halls added to the experience and a took a moment to sit and soak it all in. I realized that the next Shakespeare play would start soon, and I wanted to grab a coffee to warm up. I remembered seeing a Starbucks across the street from the theater so I headed back up to the Globe area, bought a coffee, and made my way back to the standing pit.

As you Like it was even better than Romeo and Juliet. The play was lighthearted and that may have been why I liked it so much. By the end of the play, my feet were killing me, I took the tube from Southwark back to Victoria, found my way back to the B&B and crashed.

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