La Vie en Rose

Today is going to be my last full day in Europe and I’m glad that I will be spending it somewhere I know decently well… Bruxelles!

I apologize for not writing about my trip here, but I promise, I’ve written about it elsewhere, and if you care to hear/read about it, I have a book and can print one out for you upon request. I’ve decided that there are certain cities that I like (Paris, Rome, Firenze, Brugge) and others that are so-so (Amsterdam, Venice, London). Some that are great for only visiting (Italian cities), and others that are impossibly romantic and make me want to live there (Paris, Brugge).

Despite the wonderful time I’ve had here, thoughts of what lie ahead still come by me. In about a week, I’m moving to Indiana, and have to root myself there and find a new niche for myself. The only thing for certain is that now, more than ever, do I want to move to Paris. I don’t know how, when (hopefully before I’m 30 and after my French has improved, and I’ve gotten an PhD), or what I will be doing, but I will do it.

Today, I will live it to the max; eating Belgian waffles, dousing myself in espressos and cafes, indulging in chocolates, shopping the sales (the economic crisis has caused the sales period to start early), and breathing deeply my last day here in Europe.

A bientot tout le monde!

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  1. after spending a month in Rome studying abroad [and visiting countless other cities in Italy], I want nothing more than to go back.

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