tying things up

In my final days here in Austin, I’ve mostly been finishing up unfinished business and have been doing much of the same things I do for fun normally. Since it is the last week of classes, labs have been dying down and I’ve got more time on my hands as a result. I’ve gotten to finishing a couple of knitting projects. Here is the heterocyclic hat that I’ve finally gotten around to posting:

The hat has the molecules caffeine, theobromine, penicillin, and serotonin inscribed all around in a duplicate stitch. Let me tell you, weaving in the ends at the end was NOT fun. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not chosen to colour code the side chains, but I think the finished product looks better with the added colour.

Yesterday after lab, Nick and I went to Huts (W. Sixth) for a last 2 for 1 burger night here. Huts has THE BEST VEGGIE BURGERS EVER. If you’re ever in the Austin area, go on either a Monday or Wednesday night, for the best taste you will ever try.


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