The gang decided to split up and I decided to go on a small trip to Strasbourg. Strasbourg is a cozy town with an odd mix of German and French cultures and cuisines. THe city has a cathedral in the centre that is in the gothic style and is even called the Notre Dame cathedral of Strasbourg. Since it was a European holiday, the city was filled with local tourists and the streets were full of people and lively. We walked around the city and got a feel for the old style Gothic architecture, the medieval architecture, and then saw post WWII clean-ups.

The food is also quite decent. I thought that it would be difficult to find vegetarian food in France, but the Alsace region is known for their tarte flambees (pretty much a super thin pastry pizza). I had veg flambees for both lunch and dinner and indulged in a Nutella crepe for a mid-afternoon snack. The Europeans know how to eat… now I just need to figure out their secret to staying thin!

After lunch, we crossed into the German/French border; now with the EU in place, crossing countries was a breeze sans customs and it was a bit disappointing to not even see a flag to distinguish the German side from the French side… only the Loire river.

We came back to the bed and breakfast for a wine/grape juice tasting and then went out for dinner. I decided to try the Munster cheese, and I will have to say that I will never be a cheese kind of gal… at least not the French cheese type.

Here are some photos from Strasbourg

are some from Colmar


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