Retropost – Bike trip: Day 1

I am writing this post and the following retroposts after my recent 500 km bike trip. I would have written/posted them sooner, but had no internet access so the posts had to wait.

On this first date of the bike trip (the departure date), the 3 of us (me, H, and T) started the morning off with a hearty breakfast and finished packing and loading the bikes up. I had no idea it was going to be such a long day. The 80 km we had to travel was not the problem; the wind and the heavy luggage coupled with a bike that was slightly larger than I was used to all made the trip a bit more challenging.

Being from a hot climate, I was not used to seeing such lush and green landscapes. The cows, sheep, bugs, and horses were abundant, and it was nice to ride the bikes and get the fresh air and wind blowing in my face. I took several pictures of the cities to start with on the trip, but after realizing that every city had a church of architectural interest, and a city centre of equal awesomeness, I gave up on taking pictures of everything and became a bit more selective of things I photographed.

We took several short stops through cities visiting cafe’s, pub’s, and city centres of interest. The first city we stopped in was Dendermonde; a quaint city with a cute center and charming homes. After our visit to the city, we continued on until going to a pub where I had my first encounter with kas kroketten; a Belgium dish consisting of fried cheese (I know, sinful). The pub gave me a warm feel for how typical old timey pubs look and it was nice to escape the dreary cold and cloudy weather for lunch.

We hopped back on the bikes and rode until we got into the city of Brugge. Throughout the whole trip we camped in cabins (trekkershut – about 37 Euro/night). After a bit of a rest, we took a bus into the city and walked around. I immediately loved the architecture, the cafes, and the culture. I have several photos posted on my picasa site you can have a look. The pictures say more than I could write here of course. All in all, the day was everything and more than I could hope for.

I remember my shoulders being in pain from hunching over the bike and poor postural technique, but in the end, I was so excited from the cultural experience, all the pain was forgotten… until later in the bike trip.


Money Spent:
Coffee: 1.50 Euro
Lunch: 8 Euro
Dinner: 7 Euro

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