Today was a bit of a lazy day here in Brussels. I caught up on some rest and packed for the one week long bike trip me, H, & T are about to go on through Belgium. I was a bit restricted on what I could pack for the week as I can only take what I can carry on the bike, so we’ll see how it all works out in the end.

In the afternoon, we made an outing to see some of the Chinese and Japanese building contributions to the 1958 World Expo held in Brussels:

After that, we headed over to get some ice cream at a parlor located behind Eddie Merckx home/bike shop. Merckx is essentially the European cycling version of Lance Armstrong.

We ended up coming back to the house quite full of ice cream, so T and I went on a 20km bike ride through the countryside. I love riding here in the country. The air is so clean and the scenery like nothing I have seen; so lush, green, and peaceful.

I won’t be posting for the next week since I will be on the bike trip, but I’ll be sure to take pictures and post lots when I return.


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