Moved out.

I’ve officially moved out of my apartment in Austin, and am currently unpacking boxes and re-packing for my trip to Europe. It isn’t even the middle of May and we are already getting temps in the upper 90’s here in Texas. It will be nice to go to a milder climate in Europe.

There’s not too much to report on here, mostly more of the same… (grading, packing, fun)

I finally got around to taking pictures of the sweater I recently finished knitting….

This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit. There’s quite a bit of maths to consider when you knit, and that definitely made the knitting fun and exciting.The pouf-y sleeves are my favourite part!

I wish the weather would stay cool so I could keep knitting, but alas, I think the knitting will stop until next season.

Until next time.


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