In any case…

Today I spent the day resting. After the bike trip and my injury (sprained ankle – long story), I really needed it. After dropping H off at work, T and I went shopping for groceries, looked for a certain souvenir (garden gnome – don’t ask), and came back to the house. The trip to find the garden gnome was unsuccessful, and after coming home I fixed some lunch, and did some laundry.

Having a sprained ankle makes life hard… especially when you have to walk everywhere. I took a rest in the afternoon and then went to the train station to buy tickets for my trip to Amsterdam this week and my trips to London/Paris next week. After spending a small fortune on travel tickets (via Thalys and Eurostar), me, H, and T went to visit Emmie (a friend) at the market in St. Gilles. We bought fresh foods and went up to her flat and enjoyed the scenery and evening on the terrace.

I love the calmness and what seems to be the idyllic nature of the city. I’m trying to soak every bit of it in. Tomorrow will be another calm, but full day I presume.


Money Spent:
Round trip ticket from Brussels to Amsterdam = 52 Euro
Tickets from Brussels to London to Paris to Brussels = 193 Euro
Brussels Metro Card (10 uses) = 10 Euro

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