Where am I going?

I suppose the question in the title can be answered by knowing where I want to end up.

You’ll have to forgive me for not posting in several days. I spent the weekend in none other than:

I was surprised at how much I liked Bloomington. It’s a great college town with an eclectic mix of restaurants, people, and research in chemistry. The guy I wanted to work for IS really as neat in person as he is on paper and hopefully I can contact him in the next week or so (after my next visit weekend) and let him know that I wish to jump on board. The city is absolutely gorgeous in the spring and rightfully has the name ‘Bloomington.’ They actually have flowers. The flowers grow. Did I mention they have grass… that is green?

The campus has a rich history and the new lab facilities are absolutely incredible and far surpass those here in Texas. While it is a small town, I feel that will probably be in my own best interest…. less distractions from research. I hope to make some great new friends and I think IU will be where I end up.

I am happy.


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