Visit to North Carolina and subsequent fiascos.

Like the title suggests, I’ve spent the latter couple of days of the workweek in North Carolina.

N.C. is gorgeous! This time of year, the weather there is wonderful, the dogwood trees are in bloom, and of course, there is grass… that is green!

I ended up getting into Raleigh in the late morning, and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the city exploring. I came across a Whole Foods store that brought back sweet memories of Texas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Whole foods, it is a grocery that has its roots/headquarters in Austin, and is one of my favorite hangouts here in Texas.

In general, I had a pleasant experience on my trip, but…

Tornadoes in the southeast and south-mid-west U.S. ended up causing flight delays, and my flight out of the Raleigh-Durham airport did not leave until 10:15 pm. While I normally would not have been peeved, the biggest problem was that I had a connecting flight from Atlanta back to Austin. My odds of catching the connecting flight were 50/50 at best, but I decided to risk it and head to Atlanta to see if I even had a shot at catching the 9:15 pm flight out of Atlanta. Yes, I know 9:15 pm is before the time my first flight left, but I was hoping that my connecting flight would have been derailed as well due to high winds.

After getting off of my flight that landed in Atlanta, I RAN to the monitors to find that my connecting flight had not left, but the gate had changed to an entirely different terminal on the other side of the airport. YES!!!! The plane is still here… $#!7, I have to gooo!

I RAN to the shuttle to get to the other terminal. Meanwhile, hordes of people were lined up to get new flights out of the city (since their flights had been delayed as well). In all of the hustle and bustle, I made it at 11:40 pm to the gate of the flight that was to leave at midnight. I was out of breath, tired, annoyed, frustrated, and a fellow behind me says, that the flight attendant made the last call for boarders only 30 seconds before I had arrived at the gate. UGH!!!!!!!

I kicked at the gate, and knocked, and other people did for me as well. The host saw me and mouthed ‘no’. I looked at the window to watch my plane leave without me, shot the following picture, and cursed the flight attendant out under my breath.

I ended up spending last night in terminal C gate 34 at the Atlanta airport.
Not fun.

I’m just happy to be home. I caught the 8:40 am flight back to Austin from Atlanta this morning.

Home sweet, Texas!

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