I had the opportunity to hear Bill Nye speak today. In case you are too old/young to know who Bill Nye is, he is a comedian and scientist who brought science to the masses. I LOVED this guy as a pre-teen and tried to watch him, along with The Magic School Bus every Saturday on PBS.

In any case, his talk surrounded issues of climate change and stem cell research. In the past week, I have heard 3 talks that address these same issues.

I have long known that climate change has been happening, I’d also say that I try my hardest to minimize my carbon footprint. I ride my bike/walk places when I can, I’m a vegetarian, and since I grew up with a scrooge-like father, I rarely, if ever, waste things. When I do decide to go for a drive, my car is fairly fuel efficient, averaging 34 mpg. I can’t say the same for most other Americans.

It’s interesting how all of these lectures I’ve attended recently bring up the same point; the fact that the generation preceding mine had the fun of discovery, and now it is my generation that has to implement ways of undoing the damage that has been done and in effect, set limits to what our minds can do. Stem cells, can be likened to weapons. They can be used to not only help mankind, but to hurt it. Cloning can only lead to disaster, and gene therapies have, and will continue to be controversial. Reversing the environmental impact of development is also a challenge, but one I feel we can surpass (given adequate research funds from the government).

At the end of the day, I’d like to think there is no problem too big for man-kind. Of course, things I hope for, hardly ever come true and I fear that jealousy, greed, and narcissism will inevitably be the future problems of the world as opposed to the minuscule problems of science.

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