Knit day

Knitting has this odd way of calming me… it’s a lot like meditating in a way. I spent a lot of today knitting; getting my thoughts aligned on one thing and not stressing about variables I have no control over.

I ended up knitting a foliage hat (found on knitty/ravelry) in Frank Ochre Malabrigo. The hat is currently blocking, and it is so deliciously luxurious, and soft… I’m really loving the hat!

I started knitting it top-down and find it ridiculously more convenient. I like getting the DP portion out of the way and finishing up the rest mindlessly. 🙂

As you may expect, my this was my first lace-style pattern. I’ve decided I’m not too much of a fan of lace-knitting because it is not mindless. I have the attention span of a 5 year old, so I probably ended up re-starting this thing about 4 times before I actually got around to doing it correctly and sticking with it through the end.

Despite one person disliking the ochre color (ahem, Nick), I really like it.
Hey, it may not look good on me, or be too terribly wearable, but it is so bright and cheery… enough to make me happy when I knit it up.
In the end, I think that is what matters most anyway.


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