Already getting excited!

After reading some recent Clemmer group publications and publications regarding the general field of ion mobility mass spectrometry, I’m beginning to get excited about moving to Indiana and starting grad school. You have no idea how ready I am for this semester to end, and in exactly 2 weeks, I will be on a plane to Europe! I’ve finished booking bed and breakfasts in Italy, and have a general outline of what I will be doing and when:

May 13 == fly to Europe

May 14 – May 24 = = bike trip (with Hugo/Tillie)

May 24- May 29 = = Spend time in Denmark/Netherlands

May 29-June 1 = = Holiday in Colmar, France

June 3- June 7 = = Time in France (Paris)

June 9- 10 = = (fly to Rome) Rome
June 11-12 = = Venice
June 13-14 = = Florence
June 15-16 = = Rome (Fly back to Brussels)

June 16-19 = = Explore more of central Europe

June 19-29 = = Time in Luxembourg (with Nishith and Benedicte)

June 30 = = Back to US

After some of my non-science friends complained about my blog being too technical (see previous posts involving pub nights), I’ve stopped doing journal clubs here. Maybe when I go to Indiana, I can find some equally enthused chemists to have round table science discussions on Friday or Saturday evenings

… or maybe not.

oh and I forgot…

July 6 = = Start Grad School!!!!

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