Today was Explore UT… again, another last for me this year. I’ve always loved helping out and volunteering at Explore UT, but this year was nice because I got to actually roam around and see all that is up at UT instead of being behind a booth and doing whatever. I had a great time and ate tons of liquid nitrogen ice cream! Yum!

On another note, I found out I got into Purdue’s grad programme… they are ranked #1 in A-chem. After perusing the internets, I don’t know if I really want to go there so much. I’m still going to check it out. We’ll see. It looks like I’m pwning the state of Indiana now though. 😉
I’ve been doing some serious web-stalking of this guy. I really really REALLY want to work for him (this is before I’ve met him) and hopefully he’s as nice in person as his research is on paper!

Not too much else is up around here. I finally got my new Beehouse teapot in the mail (I stole it on ebay for $3) and it is just waiting for me to wash and use it!

I’ve also gotten the DMB song ‘Crush’ in my head so if I suddenly burst into song, don’t mind me… if you can’t tell what I’m singing, this song is it.


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