Spring is in the air!

Spring break 2009 has been wonderful! Not only did I catch up with my friends and family, but I also got a lot of knitting done! My dad ended up taking off work on a Saturday and my folks and I went to the Olive Garden. Here’s a happy photo of us!

My parents house in Houston is where I call “home”. I’m fortunate enough to live only a 2.5 hour drive away from them and visit when I can. Moving to grad school will likely not allow for such indulgences, so I’ll miss this house and all the fond memories I’ve made in it since 1991.

Another thing I’m most sad about is that the Seales are officially moving out of Houston in 2 days to Zavalla, Texas… a.k.a “the boonies”. The Seale family has been my second family that I’ve come to love as my own. I used to spend as much time at the Seales as at my own home and Lisa (Mrs.Seale) has taken on the role of being my second mother. I’m sad to say these goodbyes and I hope that some hello-es start coming my way. I’m not used to all of this change and quite frankly I’m overwhelmed by all of this. On my last evening in Houston, the ladies of my family and the Seales went out to eat and reminisced about the past.

Today I ended up driving back up to Austin and was so in love with the bluebonnets, I had to take photos!

The dog in the photo was a friendly stray dog

Now to show my apartment to potential subleasers and attempt to cut red tape…I hate leases and apartment drama.


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  1. I love the new postings. And remember just cause we're moving does not mean goodbye, it just means your home away from home has been relocated. Remember, home is where your mom and your second mom live!!

  2. Hey dudeski,

    saw this post and just wanted to say that I haven't seen any posts of the car!!! BTW, you look gorgeous as usual. Have a great day!


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