So much to say

So much has happened since my last post it’s not even funny. I guess I’ll begin with things in reverse chronological order since it will help me chill out.

1) I just found out I got into yet another grad school. I’m pretty sure I won’t go there, but I’m going for a visit on April 10th… I’ll let you know how that pans out.

2) I ended up taking on another tutoring gig yesterday for a high school AP kid. Despite my negative experience tutoring before, this guy is a pleasure to teach! He actually WANTS to learn chemistry… he just happens to have a teacher that isn’t with it. I think he liked my tutoring style and his mom even recommended me to one of her friends who’s son is also struggling in H.S. chem. So I’m tutoring both of them (at separate times) tonight.

3) This morning I took the ACE exam. I am now certified through ACE to be a personal trainer. woo. Now I can get paid more. exciting.

4) I ended up subleasing my apartment to a guy who responded to my ad on Craigslist.
I am officially free of this place.

5) Yesterday I ended up fulfilling one of my requirements on my queue of things to do before I leave Austin. Andy and I went out for lunch at Taverna… a brilliant Italian restaurant in the heart of the warehouse district.

They have THE BEST pear stuffed gnocchi I’ve tasted. Actually, they have the best gnocchi period.

I guess that’s the bulk of what’s been happening recently… I think I’ll take a walk in this muck weather and calm down a bit.


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