My HMO doesn’t cover chill pills.

That’s right. I’m going to have to sell a kidney at the current rate I’m stressing.

This week is not looking fun… studying for an ACE exam that I’m to take on Thursday, coupled with trying to show/sell my apartment to potential sub-leasers, along with planning the European backpacking trip of my dreams, along with added lab times for my students independent projects, training clients, and making time to do my own workouts at the gym is getting to me… and it’s only Monday!

It isn’t like any of this is particularly difficult or mentally challenging, it is just staying on top of things and not getting distracted or refraining from feelings of anxiety that are most difficult. If I can make it through till Thursday at 10 pm, I will call this week an accomplishment! I probably won’t post until Thursday afternoon anyway because I have a crap-ton of studying I need to do before then.

speaking of that devil… I should probably go do that now…

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