Another brilliant weekend

This past weekend was simply stunning. I spent the morning on Saturday at the Austin Farmers market:

The rest of Saturday was spent grading reports and knitting followed by a trip to north Austin to sign up for the Cap 10K race. Much to my dismay, the race for timed runners was closed (since I waited till the last day), so I ended up going to the Domain and went window shopping.

I ended up not signing up for the 10K since I wasn’t about to pay $30 for an untimed run and an ugly t-shirt. Instead, I woke up early on Sunday, ran 10K around the lake, and then spent the afternoon hanging out at Andy and Brendan’s house. Andy decided to hatch/adopt some chickadees so I got to visit with them…

After hanging out we decided we’d go out for dinner and a movie. We ended up seeing I Love You Man. It was a funny movie. I have officially capped out my 3 movie/year max. I guess the final installment of Harry Potter will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

After that, we ended up going out to dinner at the Oasis. The views from the restaurant were spectacular and watching the sunset was relaxing and took my mind off of things. I now feel like I’ve ‘done’ Austin. If I had to leave tomorrow and not come back, that would be okay. That’s a good feeling.

Such bliss.

I guess that’s all for now. I have a ton of publications to sift through today and training stuff I better get to.


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