I’ve been hit.

I think I’m finally starting to realize that I will effectively be leaving Austin for good in about a couple of months. Texas has been my home since I can remember and everything that I do, all of my quirky routines and favorite places that I’ve often frequented will just be gone with the wind. More than that, are the friends and people I’ve come to meet. Austin has the most eclectic group of people and in my head, I know that wherever I end up for grad school will never be as wonderful as Austin. I also know that in grad school, my time for social fun will be nonexistent. I think that thinking about this now is a bit depressing.

I’m not really one to just sit around and do nothing, so I’m sure wherever I move to (despite how boring it may seem) will have plenty of interesting things for me to do and I’ll find my own niche in time. I guess I need to just make the most of whatever time I have left here. So here is a list of some things I want to do before leaving Austin:

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Junk
  2. Rollerblade at the Veloway
  3. Have a drink/meal at the new Daily Juice on Duval St.
  4. Make a short film of all of my favorite places in Austin
  5. Go out to eat one final time at Z-Tejas, Iron Cactus, Mothers, La Traviata, and Traverna
  6. Go to the Pecan st. festival in May
  7. Attend at least one more First Thursday
  8. Spend an entire Saturday afternoon going to the Austin farmers market and running at the lake
  9. Go canoeing on the lake
  10. Attend a B-Scene or mix at the Blanton art museum
  11. Have a last Spiderhouse Rendezvous, another Mozart’s rendezvous, and a teahouse rendezvous
  12. Have one last go at dancing on 6th st. and using the loo at the Driskill
  13. 2 for 1 burgers at Hut’s… need I say more?
  14. Spend a weekend in Frederiksburg camping or visiting Enchanted Rock
  15. Go country dancing at Midnight Rodeo or The Broken Spoke

Hopefully I can start lugging around my point and shoot so that I can compile a list of pictures for me to play when I get homesick.

I guess I’ll spend the day doing one of the above 😉

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