New Year.

I went to the annual NYE party at the Seales a couple of nights ago. It was fun as usual. This year it was a bit more subdued, and amidst the sound of Dick Clark’s NYE playing in the background, and the firecrackers sounding off outside, I managed to eat more than I have in the past month altogether, and catch up with friends. This will likely be the last NYE I spend at the Seales because I will *hopefully move on in life* and the Seales will be moving to east Texas and inevitably there will be schedule conflicts and long distance relationships are hard period.

This year I’ve resolved to be happy wherever I am at. I feel like much of my life is wasted pining over things that are beyond my control (grad school/economy/job offers etc) and this year, instead of pining, I will do something to fix the problems and/or do something productive to take my mind off of them. This holiday has been a breath of renewal for me. I’ve gotten into knitting, intend on hitting the rink and gym more, and hope to get out more. Now that I have a car as my accomplice, there is nothing stopping me.

In addition, I am resolving to start and keep a blog. We’ll see how many readers I get, haha!

I finally finished making the scarf for Erin, (I’ll post pictures later), and today I signed up to take a knitting class so that I can learn to knit in the round and do raglan shaping. I’m excited and can’t wait until Sunday so that I can get my knit on. 🙂
I hope all is well for you in the New Year and wish you good luck.


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