A College Station, supposedly.

That’s right. I’m in College Station (CS). I actually just got back from eating dinner with my best friend Erin and an old Procter and Gamble friend who is going to grad school here. It’s been nice to catch up with old friends and right now Erin and I are watching a movie and answering e-mails/updating blogs. I feel at home in her house. There are currently 3 dogs and a cat in this house and it seems so full. Here’s us after dinner:

As you know, I’ve gotten into knitting and I’ve become a huge fan of frequenting knitting/yarn shops. On my way from Austin to CS I happened to find Yarnorama, a brilliant yarn shop with a lovely owner to match. If any of you readers are into crochet/knitting or even spinning, you should stop by and check out the wondrous selection of fibres.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing laser tag with some of my old high school buddies and going to a temple with my parents. The temple is hand carved entirely out of marble and is very reminiscent of the Jainist temples I’ve seen in Rajasthan.


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