Puja Gandhi

Hi! It’s me, Puja šŸ‘‹

I’ve spent the past decade working in the tech world. I started my career as a process engineer working in the semiconductor industry, assisting in developing methods for chip manufacturing. I’ve also spent some time working as an engineer in the e-commerce space where I built web-based tools to help people sell products online.

More recently I’ve shifted out of big tech into working for a couple of Seattle-based companies in various capacities (want more details…find me on LinkedIn). Hopefully in some small way, I have helped to provide you with the processor that likely exists/existed in your computer or have at least helped enable you to buy a product off of the internet, and receive it in a timely manner. Maybe, I’ve even helped you buy your house!

When Iā€™m not at work, I enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest, communing with friends, knitting sweaters, woodworking, dabbling in real estate, and adventuring in the mountains. I am an avid fan of Nordic skiing, and teach classes at a local ski resort. Please feel free to reach out if you have any interest in taking classes!




  1. I really liked your website Puja. I was searching to find a nice pictures of Ithaca and found your website by mistaken and couldn’t stop myself to keep reading because your words are very hearty:) I’m a lady, 40 and have a lovely son, living in Istanbul.

    You made me simile thank you for it.

    1. Hi Nihan,
      I’m happy that you managed to find your way to my website! I hope you found the photos of Ithaca you were looking for… it really is a gorgeous town!
      Thanks for the feedback!